Syncronics Associates Nig. Limited

The company is a limited liability company focused on building and developing businesses around strategic assets. Established in late 2008, SANL looks for businesses or assets protected by a strong strategic position, around the non-prohibited or restricted countries, with enterprise value between USD$100,000 to USD$10,000,000. Certain capital intensive activities clearly demonstrate these characteristics. However, we have extensive experience in recognizing and developing these qualities across the business spectrum.

We are an independent, private owned and managed company with flexibility and capacity to make quick decisions. Our structure ensures the early involvement of the Board of Directors and a continued focus on key decisions in   portfolio companies.

Tremendous Trail:

Over the years Syncronics Associates Nig. Limited has built up an exceptional track record in value generation. 

The portfolio companies are currently engaged in Agricultural technology using palm produce and germ, the Downstream, Midstream & Upstream of the Oil & Gas sector, Real Estate Constructions (Realtor), Risk & Investment financing and Manufacturing of pharmaceutical products within the Sub-Sahara regions and the United States of America.

Syncronics Associates Corporation in the United States of America is the company’s group Administrative hub, with an oversight function across the portfolio companies. Syncronics Associates Corporation is also an extension of the agricultural and pharmaceutical hubs in the United States.

The Portfolio Companies are:

Ø Syncro Palms Nig Limited;

Ø Kobi Farms & Agro-Allied Limited; and

Ø P & K Products Limited


Our Environmental, Social and Governance ‘’ESG’’ policies are committed to building long-term sustainable value across our investments portfolio companies. Hence, the major reason we have rigorous protocols in place to address ‘’ESG’’ issues. Our policies are developed to adhere strictly to Rules and Regulations, and targets tailored specifically to activities of each portfolio company.

ESG Principles:

Ø Optimize positive impacts and minimize or negate potential adverse impacts.

Ø Promote the highest standards of business integrity and compliance with Rules and Regulations.

Ø Consider the interests and perspectives of all stakeholders in making strategic decisions.

Ø Undertake timely and transparent reporting in relation to material ESG issues.

Ø Continuously enhance our approach to ESG management.

Ø Uphold and promote the guiding principles of each of the portfolio companies.

Ø Identify key ESG considerations when screening new opportunities.

Ø Complete our tailored ESG Due Diligence to identify material risks and opportunities.

Ø Collection and reporting issues using our sustainable Investment Framework.

We are also committed to supporting Diversity and Inclusive initiatives, with capable individuals of varied backgrounds and high integrity. The company is positioned to harness the huge opportunities available as well as making impact in our local communities.